Welcome to our film Club!

Each month between February and November, usuaslly the last friday in the month we hold our film club.  We do not charge entry!  And anyone is welcome, (as long as they are the correct age for the film or of course!)


We show a variety of films from christian movies to blockbuster films, and even some childens films!


All shows that you have missed are in church and available to borrow, all we ask is you sign the book to say you are taking it, and that you return it so others can also enjoy it.


Film Club took a year off. we hope to be back with you again soon.


Follow our blog below which will keep you updated on what films we are showing next, and also a short written sermon to go with the film.  if you are using a mobile device to view the website them you can read the blog through this link - http://wbcfilmclub.blogspot.co.uk/

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we had to take a year off. We will be back soon. Thank you for your patience
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On friday we showed the film letters to God. A film based on the true storyof a young boy dying of brain cancer, his jojrney and hpw he inspited everyone who he met. And the legacy he created. I was disappointed that only 1 person turned up. I do urge you to watch this film you can tent ot from wbc for free, jist lile any of our previous films, or watch it on Netflix or via Youtube https://youtu.be/r-DJJn7W3OI
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For a couple of years now I have had this film on my mind. I believe God has been urging me to share it, but I have came across barriers.  The main barriers being the subject of the film, and the age of the target audience, the film is a PG-13, so is not suitable for our youth club, it is aimed at high school kids.  Would we get the audience we want?  Would the adults come to watch a film about bullying, teen suicide, friendships, teen challenges??  or worse have an audience of just adults! A few things have urged me to re address this...... Firstly we showed I Daniel Blake, stepping out of our comfort zone,  not our usual film yet a film with an important message, and we weren't disappointed! A lot of people turned up to watch. Secondly there has been a lot of interest in a series called 13 reasons why, which also covers teen suicide and bullying, a lot of discussion has been made on whether this film helps!  I don't believe it will cause more teen suicides and I think it helps to bring the issues to the forefront rather than hiding it away.  But I do believe it doesn't go far enough, it doesn't take the next step to help show what we can do as a response. I feel more called to show this film, I am hoping to show it during the summer or for the beginning of the next school year. I would however like to make it opened up to all and hopefully get the support of other churches to make the most of this opportunity.  I hope the local high schools will get involved and use the educational resources available with the film. So what can you do?? Do you know a high school teen? 12+, Do you work with youth or are you part of a church with youth??  Can you help spread the word?? Please comment or get in touch!!

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