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Our Junior Church is during our Sunday Morning service. 

A fun relaxed group.

Some photos from our Junior Church!

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On mothers day the men went out with Junior church to make biscuits, cards, and bunches of daffodils to give to the women of the church.  It is always lovely to receive such beautiful gifts! As we have been approaching Easter our youth have been learning about Easter and made this lovely model for the church, it is currently in our church for all to see over the Easter week.
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Our junior church have had great fun this year so far, with many fun activities including science experiments, We parted the waters!!! and some maths....... Junior Church cola bottle evangelism! If three young people each being a friend to Junior Church, then there will be 6. Then if those 6 bring a friend, there will be 12. Soon there will be 24, then 48 like these cola bottles. 1st sunday of each month continues to be our family service, where our service becomes full of fun and games! February family service, Ann did a service on Angels, we had great fun making angels March - Donna did a sermon on Miracles, we had lots of fun with magic tricks!
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As the church had watched War Room, and the bible study ding the study based on the film, the junior church have also been looking at prayer.  It has been great to see new children join our junior church!! 'There is a story of two farmers who were praying for rain. One farmer prayed for rain and planted his field, the other prayed for rain and did not plant his field.When the rains came, who was ready to reap the harvest?The one who planted the field. He is the one with the faith of a mustard seed. He put forth the effort, did the work expecting results.'

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