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There is no doubt that God must have at least some kind of a sense of humor. After all, we are created in His image. God even made Sarah laugh by giving her a child in old age! I also can’t imagine Jesus not being funny or at least laughing sometimes with the disciples. Some of my happiest times are laughing and joking with my loved ones.


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How many can you find???

Jokes and Riddles


Why are shoes the only piece of clothing that can get into heaven?.....

because they have souls

Where was Solomons Temple located?
The same place yours is, on the side of his head!


What is greater than God? More evil than Satan? Rich people need it, poor people have it, and if you eat it you will die.
Answer : Nothing


Who is the fastest runner in history ?
Adam - because he was the first in the human race.

Where is the first math homework problem mentioned in the Bible?
When God told Adam and Eve to go forth and multiply.



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